Artist Statement

Vibrant hues and Colours informs my paintings just as sound is to music. Every gestural bursts of paint - lines, dots, spirals and forms are born out of deep silence.

When I paint I don't follow any rules though and that freedom is the essence of my creativity allowing me to feel at liberty to express my feelings through the choice of colours.... going louder and softer, deeper or slower as the feeling arises. Here I can roam into the unknown areas of creativity allowing my work to be absolutely original and unique!

The gracefulness and joyous moment comes after the finished piece is done - It stirs my soul.

I love to sit back and stare at my own creation. It enables me to find my inner self. My inner voice starts to converse, feel and maybe react to what I perceive at that moment allowing me to reach that space where language cannot reach!

With my senses I am able to feel a lot more that words cannot describe and finally I'd like to share this conversation with you.

Come join me and be at liberty in feeling the Colours of my soul too!